Often homeowners don’t think about central heating and home heating maintenance services until it is too late or the when winter months arrive.  Carbon Heating & Air Conditioning advises homeowners to be proactive and seek yearly heating services to ensure that their homes are properly heated during the winter.  At Carbon, we provide furnace service and central heating service that consists of maintenance, repair, and replacement processes, all designed to help you get the most out of your HVAC system. Carbon Heating & Air Conditioning services Terre Haute and Brazil, Indiana.

Maintenance: A Must

Carbon maintenance is a central heating service available to homeowners who want to extend the service life of their furnace. Research shows that you can keep your furnace systems operating at up to 95% efficiency with routine servicing. Our technicians clean and remove any debris that may be impacting the performance of your heating system and thus causing poor output. In addition to basic cleaning, other service solutions are offered like duct examination and to prevent heat from escaping. Inspecting the furnace, heat exchanger and exhaust system are additional services performed as a part of maintenance package.

High Quality Repair Services

Repair services can really help you get more out of your gas furnace or home heating solution. According to research, savings up to 63 percent can be achieved when timely repairs are made to the unit. Our team of technicians can perform the recommended maintenance, including replacing the filter, which should be done on an annual basis. Technicians can test the batteries of your CO2 monitors to guarantee reliability in detecting toxic carbon monoxide present in high quantities in the home.

Installation Performed by Professionals

Most furnaces are designed to last approximately 15 years. Sometimes, repairing an aging system isn’t cost effective. In cases where it is not feasible, it may be time to consider getting a new unit altogether. This requires replacing handlers, furnaces and equipment. When there are inconsistent temperatures throughout the home and repair costs for the unit become too high, it may be time to consider replacing the furnace system altogether.

There are things that must be done annually to keep the central heating systems functioning at their best. Parts like the motor air vents need to be lubricated. Adjustments to the fan belt and thermostats have to be made to ensure proper function. Ignition and monitoring systems have to be tested to verify safety. Working with our Central Heating and Furnace Service team of experienced furnace service technicians will guarantee that you’re well-prepared for the winter months.

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David N. Terre Haute, IN Nov 10, 2014

Each time we’ve had Carbon Heating out for a problem, they have had it fixed very quickly and left us nothing to complain about. I’d recommend them to anyone.