How to Tell if Your Furnace Needs A Tune Up

Here are a few indicators to look for that will let you know if something is wrong with you furnace.

1) No heat – This one is common sense, but you usually become aware of this when it’s too late. Test your furnace before it gets cold to see if it’s putting out any heat. If your furnace is on but isn’t producing heat, call Peterman and we will send out a technician to service it for you.

2) Carbon monoxide monitor goes off – Any household that uses gas appliances should be using a carbon monoxide monitor.

If the alarm goes off you need to:

  • Shut down your gas appliances
  • Open up your windows to bring in fresh air
  • Leave your house & call the fire department

Call a professional HVAC to come and test all your gas appliances–especially your furnace– to see if they’re venting exhaust correctly.

3) Utility bill suddenly increases – It’s normal for your energy bill to go up during the winter because your furnace is working more. However, if you see an unusual spike in your bill (even by winter standards) and there has not been a change in utility rates, then your furnace may be in disrepair and needs to be serviced.

4) You hear a loud banging noise when your furnace turns on – Your furnace should be relatively quiet when it’s running, but if you hear a loud banging noise when you turn it on, your blower motor might need to be repaired or adjusted. Or your furnace ignition could be delayed, which can be dangerous.

5) Furnace produces a strong fuel smell – It’s natural for an oil or gas furnace to produce a faint scent of burnt fuel. But if you smell the strong rotten egg smell of unburnt gas in other rooms and the smell originates from your furnace, you have a serious gas leak that needs to be looked at immediately.

If you smell gas, leave your house immediately and call the fire department.

At Carbon, we always strive to keep our customers well informed when it comes to their home comfort system. We proudly serve Terre Haute and the surrounding areas. To learn more about our products and services please feel free to navigate around our website to learn more. Now that fall is here, give us a call if you need furnace repair in Terre Haute, Indiana.


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